What are Property Disputes

10 Jan

Property disputes happen when two parties have a quarrel over real property issues. Real property refers to any property attached to the land. Included in real property are single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, roads, canals, and ponds. The usual parties involved in property disputes include landlords and tenants, government agencies, neighbors, homeowners associations, property visitors, and family members. Landlord and tenants, government agencies, neighbors, homeowners associations, property visitors, and family members are usually the parties involved in property disputes.

Courts received a lot of property disputes each year. Sometimes property disputes are resolved by paying damages to cover the losses of the complainant. There are times when the issue is resolved by letting one party remedy that property defect that he has caused or the court can make him stop doing anything on his property against his neighbor.

There are many reasons why property disputes happen. The common property disputes include the following.

Property lines between neighbors are usually the cause of dispute between them.

When a neighbor puts a spite fence to block the view of the other, then a dispute is about to ensue. He can also find pleasure in annoying his neighbor by building a fence, bushes, hedges, or rows of trees.

When a rental property needs repair or has damages, there can be a dispute arising between the landlord and the tenant as to who should pay for these repairs.

When it comes to mortgage lenders and creditors, their dispute is about who can foreclose properties and when the foreclosed property is sold, who can the proceeds.

A real estate developer and a homeowner can dispute over who is responsible for repairs on new home constructions. 

When it comes to utility easement, homeowners usually have disputes with government agencies.

Injury in a property can sometime be a cause of dispute between the injured individual and the insurance company as to who is responsible for the injury.

There can be disputes over who the legal owner of a certain property is.

Property usage need to be according to zoning laws and sometimes people can question is it is indeed according to law.

Title of a property can become irregular when there is property dispute. irregularity in titles are caused by the following.

Erroneous recording of property transaction.

A forged deed of sale can have a property transaction be fraudulently recorded.

A title can only be released if the liens on the property are cleared.

These irregularities in titles are usually discovered when searching for a title. If there is an irregular title, then the property owner is unable to sell or refinance his property. To resolve such a dispute, you can initiate an action to quiet title or a quitclaim deed. Check Washington property disputes to learn more.

A property dispute lawyer is your best chance of resolving your property dispute. Lawyers are indispensable when it comes to property disputes. Check commercial and business transactions Washington for more info.

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